How to find a detainee

  • If you know the detainee’s Alien Registration Number, enter it into the locator along with the detainee’s country of birth. The Alien Registration Number (also known as the A-Number) is a unique 8 or 9 digit number assigned to all immigrants in removal proceedings and certain other immigrants who have previously applied for immigration benefits. The A-number is found on all correspondence from immigration to a person. If the A-Number has only 8 digits, you must add a zero in front of it for the system to recognize it.
  • You can also search by name. A detainee’s first and last names are required and must be an exact match (e.g., John Doe will not find Jon Doe or John Doe-Smith). If ICE’s records list a person’s name incorrectly, you will not be able to search for the detainee by name unless you know their recorded name. You are also required to select the detainee’s country of birth. It is optional to enter the detainee’s date of birth to further narrow the search.