IACO is an organization accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) of the United States is the highest administrative body for interpreting and applying immigration laws. It is authorized up to 15 Board Members, including the Chairman and Vice Chairman who share responsibility for BIA management. The BIA is located at EOIR headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. Generally, the BIA does not conduct courtroom proceedings - it decides appeals by conducting a "paper review" of cases. On rare occasions, however, the BIA hears oral arguments of appealed cases, predominately at headquarters.

In addition, the BIA is responsible for the recognition of organizations and accreditation of representatives requesting permission to practice before DHS, the immigration courts, and the BIA. One of the requirements to be established as an accredited organization is that the organization must establish to the satisfaction of the Board that it only charges nominal fees and assesses no excessive membership dues for persons given assistance; and it has at its disposal adequate knowledge, information and experience.

The certification was established to provide low income aliens with a list of trustworthy non-profit organizations that may assist them in their immigration proceedings charging just nominal costs.

Since 2006 IACO has been accredited and recognized by the BIA. Only 38 organizations in New Jersey have that accreditation and recognition. With the accreditation, the BIA established that IACO has the adequate knowledge, information and experience necessary about the immigration law and the immigration proceedings; and that the costs that IACO charges its customers are less than those charged by a private attorney.

The accreditation of the BIA gives IACO’s members the reliability that their immigration cases are handled with clarity and that they are not going to be deceived with false promises about solutions that cannot be met.

Esperanza Torres, deputy director of IACO, was accredited by the BIA on behalf of IACO to represent the immigrants before the USCIS. Esperanza Torres has worked in the immigration field during 10 years.

IACO also counts with the services of Masiel Valentín, an attorney specialized in immigration law. She is also member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, AILA. Masiel Valentín, director of IACO’s Legal Services Department, also represents IACO’s costumers before the USCIS.